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Vinegar Fly: Five Nobels to the mutants Drosophila melanogaster mutants, studying and observing mechanisms for being, for a limited time, and for metabolism of confidence. acts as It is with right expectations, where the encountering essence and assumption deviates, and it observes transience;
The banana fly falls on the plate, it hits the shiny cracking shell, it dives into the carbon-free embrace, it sticks to the plane of the screen, drowning in vinegar. The model organism of genetics, the trajectory is pitted, it glazes on the skin and wakes up in sugar, it changes its state mechanically and manipulated by others. It takes off again, and its salivary glands bulge, waiting to meet. 10_1_2022 at 22_32.png
nickname: vinegar fly; four pairs of chromosomes; rapid life; five Nobels, Four weeks to live 16_1_2022 at 12_34 (1).png
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