Black car
misty air
. Car keys shouting from the tube under my feet. I felt insecure, while the cerulean blue sky framed me in this mess…
..Tying my hair into a ponytail. My almost black hair curled a bit when I squeezed the rubber band around

I am guileless, I am naive. I am drinking lemon water not to protect my teeth but torture them,
…. and my social self…

..Our place… GTA,… shattered my loyalty… my Light red eyes and my flip flops
- cold
- wings
- fries…

—nauseous… I hear ‘’why..’’

I’m a doll surviving in dull times?

——Tastes like grey leather and paradox, ..
…. copycatting the world and buying new socks…

Black car, blue bench, car keys are the noisy object that misses. Throughout the day and abandoned at night. Buy one organic winter - GET 1 for FREE.


Dead butterflies, muppet, whining mouse
Not enough cheese to carry on
Kept myself my keys, my coins, myself. I go to the supermarket and find another keys.
Maybe my next weeks ride?
Nothing knowing about the trades, give me one-I’ll take four. 30% discount or less is all I got.

Ponytail to protect myself…

.. Liz said I should get some more cars to drive. Maybe next month If I please to try??

I thought maybe turmeric solves problems about upper class symptoms of lack of empathy, puppies necks & broccoli soups. It’s everything I know, and sometimes I don’t.
Or whatever I know, I like Cars, Miley and flood.

Icebergs on my eyes, I feel them melting, I got no one.
Please… please tighten my seatbelt real tight, so I cannot get loose.
Oily black hair on a ponytail, greasy armpits and a longing chair. I squeezed the rubber band around again real tight
This time it breaks with no fight. (1).png (1).png (1).png